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The SHSMD conference attracted nearly 2,000 healthcare marketing professionals, and the event included sessions from some of the nation’s most distinguished thought leaders in the healthcare marketing and communications space, including Weinbach, Irizarry, and Klass.

“Thanks to high-deductible health plans and increasing insurance premiums, the healthcare cost burden is shifting, and consumers bear a greater portion than ever before,” said Weinbach. “However, despite growing price sensitivity among their customers, hospitals and health systems are ill-prepared to contemplate price in their overall positioning. We are here to change that by identifying which healthcare services are ‘shoppable,’ and how healthcare organizations can demonstrate value.”

The three executives’ presentation, “Pricing Strategy in a World of Price Transparency,” was part of the advanced learning track for healthcare strategists. It addressed the complex and often illogical pricing structure under which the healthcare industry operates. The presentation also reported on the status of healthcare price transparency, for which services price matters, and presented three real-world case histories of how different healthcare providers have addressed pricing.

Daniel Weinbach and his co-presenters offered attendees a white paper about price strategy and price transparency, which The Weinbach Group will make available for digital download. For more information, please contact Meieli Sawyer at 305-668-0070 or msawyer(at)weinbachgroup(dot)com.

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Miami Healthcare Executives Advise National Audience About Impending Price Transparency.