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Microsoft Azure review: Competitive cloud pricing takes a bite out of AWS | Cloud Pro

Microsoft Azure review: Pricing
Opting for cloud services rather than physical infrastructure massively reduces your business’s initial outlay on hardware and licences, although you’ll have a higher monthly operational expenditure due to subscription fees and – potentially – support costs, either directly via an Azure support plan or from a specialist IT support firm if you don’t have in-house expertise.

Pricing for complex cloud services is by its nature highly variable: one company’s needs won’t be the same as the next, even if both fall within the SMB bracket.

The simplest subscriptions for most services are on a pay-as-you-go basis, with exact pricing depending on the product specification you opt for, such as virtual machine configuration or quantity of storage, but cost-saving reserved instances – for which you pay an upfront flat rate for a fixed period – are also available.

You’ll need to work out individual pricing based on what systems and infrastructure you need, and we strongly recommend using both Azure’s estimate calculator before you buy and its cost tracking tools afterwards to make sure you’re getting good value for your money. We’re fans of Azure’s costing tools, which are somewhat easier to work with than AWS’s calculator.

On PAYG, a general-purpose VM with 2 virtual CPUs and 8GB of memory, running Windows Server will cost £150.43 per month. A 1024GB HDD to go with that costs £33.58 per month, although a wide variety of larger and smaller HDD and SSD disk options are available. Storage transactions – reads and writes, typically billed in 4MB blocks – are an additional cost, priced at £37.27 per 100,000 transaction units. A variety of snapshotting and backup options for your disks are available at further cost, depending on how much data you need to back up at any given point.

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Microsoft Azure review: Competitive cloud pricing takes a bite out of AWS | Cloud Pro.

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