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Microsoft offers $150 off its new Surface Laptop when purchased with a Surface accessory | Neowin

In May, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop, a premium notebook with a keyboard covered in luxurious Alcantara fabric. It was also the first device to launch with Windows 10 S, a new edition of the OS that’s restricted to running apps downloaded from the Windows Store, although a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro is also available until the end of 2017.

The Surface Laptop became available to purchase in mid-June, and now – just three months later – Microsoft has begun offering promotional discounts on the device. However, you should resist the temptation to interpret that as an indication of weak sales; in fact, this is pretty much in line with Microsoft’s broader Surface pricing strategy.

The company tends to attach premium price tags to its Surface devices, and then regularly offers significant discounts to entice buyers. Its first Surface Pro 4 discounts came three and a half months after the device launched in 2015, with new deals continuing to arrive every few weeks after that. At one point in the UK earlier this year, the Microsoft Store had five separate deals available on the Surface Pro 4 at the same time.

For its first Surface Laptop offer, Microsoft is giving buyers a $150 discount on the device when purchased with a Surface accessory priced above $79. The deal is only available on the entry-level Surface Laptop, which is priced at $999 before the discount, and includes these key specs:

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Microsoft offers $150 off its new Surface Laptop when purchased with a Surface accessory.

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