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Minimum alcohol pricing: Scotland’s elite have their priorities all wrong | The National

At night there would be a special reception at Holyrood for those higher up the social ladder. This would include all the advisors and lobbying firms who filled their boots from the millions spent by the Scottish Government pushing its legislation through the courts and influencing broadcasters and newspapers. The champagne would be flowing at this occasion because, well … these types are highly skilled at covering up their alcoholic excesses and can usually afford lawyers and spin doctors to clean up the debris. As sparkling wines are one of a very few favoured tipples unaffected by the steep price rises it is entirely appropriate that the politicians and their advisors will be hitting the bubbly hard. Hic Hic Hooray…

Who knows where this will end and where the outcomes, indicators, analytics and research models will take us. Let’s not stop here while the winds of change are with us. Let’s have a minimum pricing policy on unhealthy food too. The minimum alcohol pricing strategy is also aimed at teenage children tanking up on cheap bevvy in their bedrooms prior to a night out so that the pound in their pocket would stretch to a larger quantum of liquor.

But what about those families, hard-pressed by low wages and huge mortgages who dread the thought of dinner at a nice restaurant with the neighbours? Faced with the prospect of paying eye-watering prices for dishes that include the words “jus”, “remoulade” and “mille-feuille”, many of them secretly binge on fish fingers and chicken goujons so that they can get away with just having the soup and skipping dessert at the restaurant.

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Minimum alcohol pricing: Scotland’s elite have their priorities all wrong | The National.

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