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Most Americans Won’t Pay Exorbitant Smartphone Prices | PC Magazine

Smartphones are too damned expensive. Putting aside the premium consumers always pay on a new class of experimental devices, such as Samsung and Huawei’s new foldable phones, the base price of flagship smartphones has been rising steadily for years.

The $899 base price of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S10 is the new norm for high-end Android flagships, with the “lower-cost” S10e coming in at only $749. The Google Pixel 3 is $799, and there are plenty of add-ons for each, including wireless earbuds and charging stands.

Apple set its own $1,000 baseline with the iPhone X and cemented its new four-figure base cost with the iPhone XS. By comparison, the $749 retail price for an iPhone XR (more expensive than the previous base cost of an iPhone 7 or 8) looks like a bargain.

With the handful of companies that monopolize the US smartphone market continuing to raise prices like clockwork each year, at what point will consumers stop paying? Is there one?

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Most Americans Won’t Pay Exorbitant Smartphone Prices.