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MoviePass Abandons Price Hike and New Release Blackouts | Collider

The MoviePass saga continues. Last week, in the wake of serious financial troubles, the subscription service announced sweeping changes to the dismay of pretty much all of its customers. They would be increasing the price to $14.95 per month, new releases wouldn’t be available for the first two weeks of release, and surge pricing would continue. Well apparently scratch all that, because now MoviePass is changing course yet again.

The service announced today (via WSJ) that it is not going to be raising the price, and that the $9.95 per month subscription fee will remain. Moreover, it’s abandoning the new release blackout as well as surge prices. So that all sounds great right? Well here’s the catch: With MoviePass, you can now only see three movies per month.

Granted, $9.95 for three theatrical experiences is still a bargain, but this is a far cry from what movielovers initially signed up for. MoviePass’s CEO explained the change by saying that according to their data, most of their 3 million subscribers only saw three movies a month anyway, so this is just lowering everyone down to that average.

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MoviePass Abandons Price Hike and New Release Blackouts | Collider.

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