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MoviePass Attempts Comeback with New Pricing Options | Collider

MoviePass is hoping that its 2019 is a fresh start after a rocky 2018. If you flip through our archive of MoviePass news, you’ll see how the company was lambasted last summer for “high demand” charges, followed by a policy to blackout new releases — something it reversed almost immediately after backlash to that and its price hike. Then, as MoviePass subscribers were leaving in droves, the company put into place a sketchy practice that made users unknowingly re-subscribe, with the fine print that they could not then cancel. MoviePass then went back to restricting which movies customers could see, which makes it of little surprise that a survey on the subject found that most subscribers don’t trust the service.

So, yeah, it’s been rough. But as Variety reports, “Instead of casting itself as a disruptor, MoviePass is striking, in [executive VP of MoviePass Khalid Itum’s] words, a ‘more humble’ posture.” A new “let’s go to the movies” campaign is part of a change in strategy for its pricing that the company hopes will help it become more sustainable and keep subscribes relatively happy:

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MoviePass Attempts Comeback with New Pricing Options | Collider.

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