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MoviePass goes down again amid Mission: Impossible blackout, price hikes | CNET

Many subscribers, including me, couldn’t select Mission: Impossible – Fallout this weekend, as the app either had it grayed out or listed as a “premium showtime,” as it does with Imax or 3D screenings. I could previously remedy this issue by selecting the “unlisted showtime” option in the MoviePass app when a 2D showtime wasn’t appearing, but that option appears to have been removed.

So maybe you’d instead change course and see an already-released movie in its second or third week? On Sunday, that probably meant paying a surge fee. Many local theaters, at least in the San Diego area, listed a surge fee of as much as $8 for nearly every screening, meaning that MoviePass would only be covering about $3 to $4 per ticket with my subscription and I would still be blocked from seeing that film a second time.

MoviePass has said the new surge pricing is meant to encourage moviegoers away from new releases, but it’s also looking like it’s now using it to deter weekend cinema viewing entirely. Indeed, now that it’s Monday, surge pricing appears to have been removed from most showtimes, but Mission: Impossible is still, well, impossible to see.

I’ve reached out to MoviePass for comment and will update upon hearing back. The company had a rough time last week, suffering a temporary outage on Thursday after running out of money, which led MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe to issue an apology.

Many MoviePass customers also took to social media with their frustrations with the service, including one customer claiming that MoviePass’ surge pricing is more expensive than buying a ticket at their local theater:

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MoviePass goes down again amid Mission: Impossible blackout, price hikes – CNET.