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MoviePass is opting some users into its new plan even after they cancel | The Verge

MoviePass, the struggling theater subscription service, is rolling out a new plan on Wednesday, August 15th, that will limit users to three movies per month, in addition to existing restrictions on popular first-run films. It’s yet another cost-cutting measure in an attempt to combat severe revenue shortfalls to save the company. But ahead of this new plan, some fed-up users who decided to cancel their MoviePass subscriptions are receiving confusing emails that suggest the company has enrolled them in its new, modified plan without their consent.

“Please note: if you had previously requested cancellation prior to opting-in, your opt-in to the new plan will take priority and your account will not be cancelled,” reads an email sent from MoviePass yesterday to user Cristen Brinkerhoff, who shared the automated message with The Verge. Brinkerhoff, who’s been a MoviePass subscriber since November 2017, canceled her plan on July 31st after MoviePass revealed its plan to raise prices and limit access to popular new movies.

Six days after her initial cancellation, Brinkerhoff received a new email from MoviePass indicating she was somehow still subscribed and outlining the benefits of the company’s modified plan, which dropped the planned price increase in favor of the monthly three-movie limit. Yesterday, MoviePass sent her another email reading, “We received your confirmation for your new MoviePass plan,” mentioning the opt-in clause as the reason her cancellation never took effect. But Brinkerhoff says she was never given the option to opt in to the new plan.

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MoviePass is opting some users into its new plan even after they cancel – The Verge.

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