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MoviePass launches Peak Pricing, sparks Twitter backlash (update) | Screen

The service said that Peak Pricing did not foreshadow the end of the unlimited plan – whereby subscribers can watch one film a day for a $9.95 monthly fee – and was designed to ensure the plan remains. In mid-June MoviePass said membership had crossed three million and it has targetted five million by year’s end.

Inevitably the Twittersphere was abundant with opinions. The official account of box office site Exhibitor Relations noted, “MoviePass Peak Pricing Cost: “will be a small additional fee that is dynamic based on a given film or showtime’s popularity.” i.e. We’ll charge what we want, when we want.”

Another user, @tjain19, cited the rival AMC Stubs A-List subscription plan in a tweet. “The new Peak Pricing “evolution” (sic) is a major buzzkill @MoviePass -I prepaid for a year and still I’m not be insulated from it, forget rewarded! With AMC entering the movie sub game with A-list, this seems like a poor decision from a retention pov – if at all that matters 2u.”

High-demand shows carrying a “small additional fee” will be indicated on the MoviePass app by an icon depicting a thunderbolt inside a red circle. Where a showtime is growing in popularity and may be about to enter Peak Pricing, there will be a thunderbolt within a gray circle.

Peak Pricing will impact month-to-month subscribers and new annual subscribers, however it will not affect existing annual members who signed up before Peak Pricing until their membership come up for renewal.

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MoviePass launches Peak Pricing, sparks Twitter backlash (update) | News | Screen.

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