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MoviePass users complain about peak pricing | Business Insider

  • MoviePass earlier this month introduced peak pricing, in which users pay an additional fee for in-demand showtimes for popular movies in theaters.
    Some subscribers are already fed up with it.
  • Users are complaining that peak pricing is occurring in the middle of the day when showtimes are not in high demand or when a theater is not busy.
    MoviePass says peak pricing depends on a movie and showtime’s popularity, but many users say they’re frustrated they have to pay an additional fee to see movies that have been in theaters for weeks.
  • In a statement to Business Insider, MoviePass said “We are still in testing mode with Peak Pricing, trialling different algorithms to fine-tune the feature.”

When MoviePass, the popular movie-theater subscription service, introduced surge or “peak” pricing earlier this month, it was bound to be met with confusion and some resentment.

As Business Insider first reported in June, peak pricing occurs during high-demand showtimes for popular movies. For these showings, MoviePass users are charged an additional fee — from $2 to $6 — to see the movie. And no one likes to pay extra.

But some MoviePass subscribers are now complaining that the feature is too broad. Several told Business Insider that surge pricing was occurring in the middle of the day on a weekday, and these people don’t live in highly populated areas.

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