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Moving your B2B sales model online? Here’s what you need to consider | ITProPortal

How important is your website in your sales process?
If your organisation uses highly customised pricing or you are bound by agreements with distributors, you may use your website as a catalogue of rich product content but don’t allow buyers to purchase goods online. These sites work best as search-engine friendly catalogues used to generate leads for offline sales. This is particularly useful if you have highly customised offline pricing, or you are already bound by agreements with distributors.

Other B2B sites are fully transactional, but only for logged-in users who have pre-existing relationships with account managers. These sites may even offer different levels of functionality depending on your customer group or job role.

Do you know your online pricing strategy?
If your organisation uses a pricing structure that has evolved through organic growth you are likely to have customers who have negotiated specific pricing agreements. For companies like this, replicating a complicated set of contracts online requires a platform that supports specific pricing otherwise it will be a nightmare. If this is the case, don’t show pricing until customers are logged in to their account. It’s also best encourage continuous monitoring and experimenting with your pricing strategy. Many companies fall foul of a ‘set and forget’ attitude which results in their online pricing strategy becoming entirely different to the prices offered by the sales teams.

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Moving your B2B sales model online? Here’s what you need to consider | ITProPortal.