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MPs hear price gouging allegations | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda Politics – Mobile

Putting food on the table is a major worry for older residents, the head of an island charity said yesterday.

Claudette Fleming, the executive director of Age Concern, said members had raised concerns over price increases in a recent survey.

She said that increased cost can force older people “to go without”.

Ms Fleming explained: “It’s not necessarily going without food entirely, but going without more nutritional options, regressing to unhealthier choices which may be cheaper, and, ironically, is the opposite result of what policies like the sugar tax are espoused to achieve.”

She was speaking after Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs, announced yesterday that the Consumer Affairs department was to look into claims that retailers had increased the prices of foods not covered by the sugar tax.

Mr Roban told the House of Assembly the Bermuda Government had received “a number of complaints” from the public over “price gouging”.

Ms Fleming said she was not surprised to hear that customers had reported higher prices and that retailers had said were a result of the new tax.

She added: “As a consumer, I myself have noticed a rise in prices in the last few weeks.”

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MPs hear price gouging allegations | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda Politics – Mobile.

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