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MyTaxi advocates ‘surge pricing’ for Irish taxi market | Irish Times

Allowing taxi drivers to raise fares during peak periods, such as in the run-up to Christmas, on Saturday nights and in situations where public transport is unavailable, could help get people home quicker, boost public safety and encourage more people to work in the industry. This is according to MyTaxi’s Irish country manager, Alan Fox, who said the company has held preliminary talks with the National Transport Authority (NTA) about increased flexibility around pricing.

Mr Fox told The Irish Times that driver numbers in the Republic had fallen by nearly a quarter since 2008 as the State approaches full employment.

At the same time, demand for taxis has jumped sharply with MyTaxi recording its busiest quarter to date between July and September, carrying more than four million passengers.

Surge pricing, in which businesses set flexible prices for services based on current market demands, has proven controversial, particularly in the areas of transportation. Rival Uber has previously received heavy criticism for increasing fares during terrorist incidents in cities including London and New York.

Under current regulations, taxi drivers in the Republic are restricted in the amount they can charge passengers. Mr Fox said his company was keen to see more flexibility on pricing in all markets it operated in.

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MyTaxi advocates ‘surge pricing’ for Irish taxi market.

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