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‘Never been one this large’ Kroger price cuts are part of a multi-million dollar investment | thv11.com

Kroger has begun cutting prices on more 3,000 items in approximately 100 stores in its Delta region, which includes Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri and Kentucky. Kirby estimated that that works out to about 10 percent of everything shoppers will find in a typical store. “There’s never been one this large,” Kirby said of the price-reduction plan. “It’s a multi-million-dollar investment for Kroger in this area. They have put a lot of thought, and a lot of planning and definitely, obviously, a lot of monies into this program.”

With signs covering the doors, posted as soon as customers grab a shopping cart, and down every aisle, the company wants shoppers to notice the savings. The discounts appear to range from a few cents to a few dollars per item. According to data from the Federal Reserve, grocery prices have risen steadily since 2010, and are nearly twice as expensive as they were in 2000.

“This is a long-term program,” Kirby said. “Prices will vary from week to week just based on competitive pricing.” This marks another attempt by Kroger to retain customers during an era of disruption for the grocery industry. Many Kroger locations now offer ClickList service, which allows customers to pick up groceries they ordered online. “It’s done very well for our stores,” Kirby stated. “Getting lots of great feedback from it.”

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thv11.com | ‘Never been one this large’ Kroger price cuts are part of a multi-million dollar investment.

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