New pricing program, private-label goods part of major commissary overhaul | MilitaryTimes

Early results from widespread commissary pricing changes have shown little effect on shoppers’ savings, a commissary official said, but some items could become more expensive thanks to greater price flexibility — and the extra cash may not be going where customers expect.

Some price cuts stem from new, cheaper deals with manufacturers. But other price changes come as the Defense Commissary Agency takes advantage of new rules approved by Congress that allow stores to better line up prices with outside-the-gate competition. If an item is well under the regional price average, for instance, that item’s price could go up, and the money saved could go toward bringing down another item’s cost.

Or, it could go somewhere else.

And while the new pricing setup has shown no overall effect on savings under its limited rollout, that only applies to when customers buy the right selection of items, said Brooke Goldberg, director of military family policy and spouse programs for the Military Officers Association of America. Shoppers who may have bought goods because they were far underpriced compared to local vendors could see their savings vanish.

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New pricing program, private-label goods part of major commissary overhaul.