News: Quake Champions Adopts Super Mario Run Pricing Model | MegaGames

Quake Champions, the latest iteration in the two decades old fast-paced arena shooter series, is adopting the same controversial pricing model Nintendo pioneered for Super Mario: Run.

Speaking to Polygon, creative director Tim Willits revealed that Quake Champions players will get to play the full game with a single champion for free, or pay a onetime fee to unlock all champions.

“At its core, it’s a free-to-play game, with the option to buy the Champion Pack and just get in and play with all the Champions,” explained Willits. “There are a number of Quake players that just want to play their Quake, right? And they are familiar with the business model of our previous games, and they are totally fine. ‘I want to buy the game. I want to start playing. I want to have access to all the Champions.’ But then we also understand that we want to get as many people into the game as possible, especially outside of North America and Western Europe, where we have a massive fan base. So we want to have the flexibility to have a free-to-play option for those people.”

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News: Quake Champions Adopts Super Mario Run Pricing Model | MegaGames.