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NJ Apple Stores need better price tags, state says | app.com

Listing prices for iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and other electronics on digital screens at Apple Stores around the state is not good enough, the state’s consumer watchdog said Tuesday.

Apple has agreed to list prices on “pricing wedges” on each table where devices are offered for sale, according to the state Attorney General’s office.

The agreement has resolved an investigation by the state Division of Consumer Affairs into Apple’s in-store digital pricing system, which provides prices through apps and notifications that are launched from the devices. State investigators inspected Apple’s 12 retail stores in New Jersey last year.

The division alleged Apple violated the state’s consumer protection laws because pricing was not continuously available to customers. At times, customers were required to interact with a device or sales representative to find a product’s cost, the state said.

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NJ Apple Stores need better price tags, state says.

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