Nutella’s controversial recipe change sparks outrage | NEWDAILY

Turkey produces about 70 per cent of the world’s hazelnuts, with Ferrero Australasia importing about 2000 tonnes to meet local demand.

However, Ferrero’s long-term reliance on production in Turkey – and their volatile pricing – has led it to search for new suppliers, including Australia, Canada and Chile, Fairfax reported.

A Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation report estimated hazelnut production in Australia would increase from 170 tonnes up to 3000 tonnes by 2020.

“The Ferrero group is concerned about constancy of supply of fresh hazelnut kernel and the potential impacts this can have on the price of hazelnuts. Presently, approximately 70 per cent of hazelnuts are produced in Turkey,” the report read.

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Nutella’s controversial recipe change sparks outrage.