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We reported early this month that NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card prices will see a price uptick amounting to roughly 10% starting this month due to a global memory shortage. A new report by Mizuho’s chief semiconductor analyst emerged yesterday claiming that this pricing inflation trend will continue until December, when cryptocurrency driven demand is expected to die down.

GPU Channel Inventory Is Drying Up & DRAM Prices Are Going Up
Demand for NVIDIA graphics cards among cryptocurrency miners is better than expected this quarter, reports Mizuho, who have driven GPU prices up by 25% in the past six months.

As with any cryptocurrency, the mining difficulty for Ethereum is rapidly rising and is disproportionately outpacing its market value, making it less and less profitable to mine by the day. Combined with the latest crackdown on cryptocurrencies by governments globally and recent slump in the cryptocurrency market at large, the profit incentive to mine is slowly eroding. Hopefully overtime these unfavorable market conditions will help offset the rise in DRAM prices to bring GPU prices back down. In the meantime, strap-in folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the remainder of the year.

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NVIDIA Graphics Card Prices To Continue To Rise Until December Report Claims.

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