OnDemand WTP Pricing Research

On-Demand Value-based Pricing Research with PriceBeam

B2B & B2C Pricing, Marketing, and Finance teams struggle to capture fresh, reliable, and actionable willingness to pay data.

PriceBeam provides self-service market research to companies of all sizes that quickly, accurately, and affordably discovers customers’ willingness to pay for any product or service so you can optimize prices for all market segments GLOBALLY.

  • Are you confident that you have the right price for your existing products or services in every market?
  • Do you know what the price should be for a new product yet to be launched, or existing products into new markets?
  • Do you know what features are REALLY driving your customers willingness to pay by micro-market segment?
  • Do you have the tool to capture the data required to support REAL value-based pricing?

“Pricing of new products/markets is often wrong by as much as 30-100% – resulting in an over 80% failure rate on new product introductions.”

– PriceBeam Global Pricing Survey 2017 & customer cases

PriceBeam can help with all of that by applying proven pricing research science as an on-demand service – you will have the actionable data you need in DAYS not MONTHS.

  • Gain scientific facts about what customers are willing to pay for a brand or products.
  • Identify value drivers by comparing with competitors or product alternatives.
  • Predict what potential clients are willing to pay for a product that has not yet been launched
  • Set the optimal price from the beginning – and make adjustments throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Support for making marketing investments
    • If customers see the product as “too expensive” then invest in communication and brand equity, or re-configure the product.
    • If customers see the product as “too cheap” then implement price increases.
  • Gain analytical insights to support price increases that stick when you need it – not months to late.
  • Obtain a scientific understanding of optimal price points and their influence on both volume demand and revenue/profits
  • Commentary on research results from experienced pricing professionals


Fast and Reliable Pricing and Value Attribute Research

Having completed thousands of value-based pricing market research projects, PriceBeam provides self-service market research to companies of all sizes that quickly, accurately, and affordably reveals customers’ willingness-to-pay for your products or services in all of your markets.

  • Launch studies on-demand 24/7
  • Responses in as little as 1-2 days (B2C) and 1 week (B2B)
  • Global Reach – available in 109 countries and 40+ languages
  • Quick to set up research studies – 8-12 questions about target market, segmentation and product
  • PriceBeam does the “plumbing” – quality control, sampling, recruitment, payment & incentives, translations, statistical processing, and capturing of data.
  • Use of established research methods, both indirect and choice-based.
  • Through a combination of human expertise and a proprietary AI engine, PriceBeam quality controls each step of the research project.
  • Eazy to analyze results – downloadable reports and raw data, online analytics tool


Customer Value Case Examples

Consumer Goods – New Market Product Launch WTP Study

  • US Launch price for new consumer product
  • Original price planned > $7.99
  • PriceBeam Research > $9.99, but add differentiated product
    • Basic version > $9.99
    • Premium version > 14.99
  • Effective price improvement: 43%


Online Training Software – Value Drivers Study

  • Analysis of customer value drivers for software
  • Original price > $199/user
  • PriceBeam Research > offer differentiated prices per segment
  • Average price increased to $297


Media Publisher – New Subscription Launch WTP Study

  • Analysis of proposed launch price for new subscription
  • PriceBeam Research > customers willing to pay 3 Swedish krona more per month, showed what attributes to highlight in communications
  • ROI in less than ONE WEEK – Annual Profit increase 576,000 Swedish krona


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