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On Pricing Your Work – Be Fair to Yourself. | Phresh Ideas and Designs®

What is your work worth to you?

A lot of designers and artists undervalue their work especially when they are just starting out in the industry as freelancers. However, you will eventually come to realise that you should always try to be fair to yourself when you put a price on your work.

The value you place on your work is the value others will put on it as well. Besides, I am sure that you would not want anyone to misinterpret “cheap” for mediocre work.

Pause for a moment and think about all the creative effort and never-ending hours that goes into your work. This is a great exercise for constructing prices for your services. Focus on making prices reasonable to the prospective market.

Your goal is to succeed in getting serious customers, build your portfolio and reputation and grow your business. Once you have accomplished getting customers, you eliminate the people who claim to want your services, but are not serious. Some of the telltale signs of this special bunch usually include the following:

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On Pricing Your Work: Be Fair to Yourself.

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