Parents slam ‘rip off’ prices for soft play area at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre | Bath Chronicle

During peak hours it will cost £4 for two to four-year-olds and £4.50 for children over five. Non-member adults can enter for £2.50 and get a free hot drink from the diner.

These charges were initially understood to be hourly rates – but leisure centre operators have said visits will be time restricted only when the centre reaches capacity as they moved to clarify a number of points.

In response to the charges as they were initially described, Sandra Honey Bun posted on Facebook: “It’s a bloody rip off!!

“Was supposed to open ages ago and it looks like they are trying to recoup the money back it took to pay for the revamp by charging over the top prices. I suppose we have to pay for parking too.”

Single tickets cost £3.25 for children over two who are not members, rising to £3.95 on weekends and holidays when an hour-and-a-half-limit may be enforced.

Claire Winstanley said she would visit Go Bananas over the Bath leisure centre site. “Really looking forward to this opening for months now, but nearly £15 for Three children and myself and to be limited to an hour forget it, I think Writhlington, Farrington and Frome will be seeing a lot more of us,” she said.

“Even with petrol money it’s well worth going out of Bath. What a huge error Bath leisure centre are making, this could and should have been a gold mine.”

Claire Perkins said: “Absolutely ridiculous pricing strategy! Please make this an affordable attraction that everyone can use. Research other areas and their pricing strategies for goodness sake!!”

Carrie Morgan added: “Wowsers very expensive. Such a shame was looking forward to this opening.”

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Parents slam ‘rip off’ prices for soft play area at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre – Bath Chronicle.