Park District golf faces day of decision | JournalStar

GolfVisions representatives described their season-pass plan in which golfers could choose from a varied level of customized passes. They might include a pass for all-access, for one course, for seniors, for juniors or for late afternoon play among other options. Punch cards for limited play would also be made available.

With these different types of passes, the company hopes to lessen season-pass use during the peak playing hours of 6-9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday to open some of those higher-cost tee times to the public.

“Season passes are great, but they have to fit into the business plan,” O’Connor said. “We’re sympathetic to the human element with season passes. But there’s also the ledger side. We’re trying to weigh the meeting between the two.”

Also a part of GolfVisions’ plan for Peoria is dynamic pricing for greens fees similar to what is used by Southwest Airlines and Priceline. Those green fees change as the day unfolds according to peak hours of play at the courses.

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Park District golf faces day of decision.