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Perfecting Your Amazon Prime Day Strategy from Start to Finish | MarTechSeries

What to do DURING Prime Day
It might sound nice to sit back and watch the action of Prime Day rollout, but unfortunately, products don’t sell themselves. The marketplace is too competitive to let listings be without adjusting them throughout the days based on consumer activity. Monitor competitors’ prices at each hour to ensure price points are comparable. Sales will nearly always go to the better deal during Prime Day, so staying on top of other sellers’ pricing strategies will help keep customers interested in your products.

Some companies use AI solutions to adjust their prices automatically, relieving employees from some of the work. Either way, you need to be on the edge of your seat during Prime Day, adjusting your pricing to stay competitive. When the 48-hour event is over, you might think your work is done. But while the chaos may have passed, there are loose ends brands still need to wrap up.

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Perfecting Your Amazon Prime Day Strategy from Start to Finish.

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