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Personalized marketing will be huge in 2019 | The Next Web

What the industry predicted for 2018
2018 was heralded by many as the year when personalization would go mainstream, especially in retail. Salesforce analyzed the shopping activity of 150 million shoppers across millions of websites and identified personalized product recommendations as a key revenue driver in the industry. The assumption was that we’d see unique product recommendations, dynamic email and website content, and even personalized pricing emerge as the norm in most e-commerce experiences.

On the B2B front, Gartner predicted that advances in AI would result in up to 40 percent of B2B sites using price optimization algorithms to personalize prices for each customer. They also predicted revenue increases of 15 percent for B2B companies that employed personalization in digital experiences.

Yet, despite analysts’ enthusiasm, more than half of marketers in a recent Evergage study reported that they don’t have sufficient data and insights for effective personalization.

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Personalized marketing will be huge in 2019.

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