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Poor Implementation Does Not Mean Your Strategy Is Wrong | Strategic Pricing Solutions

When the results achieved by a business are poor or less than expected, should the strategy be changed?  It is a question every entity wrestles with at some time, and typically the worse the results, the more there is a demand to change the business strategy or the pricing strategy.  Sometimes changing the strategy is the right answer, but very often poor results are a result of poor execution.  In those cases, the business should stick with their well-thought-out strategy, but focus their efforts on improving the implementation.

By now, everyone has seen the video or heard about a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight.  The removal was reportedly due to a common airline practice of overbooking the flight, however when an insufficient number of passengers accepted the offer to voluntarily change, the man was told he needed to leave the flight.  When he refused, he was forcibly removed.  Predictably, there have been calls for airlines to change their pricing strategy to exclude overbooking, which keeps fares somewhat lower than they otherwise might be.  There have even been calls for new laws to prevent overbooking.

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Poor Implementation Does Not Mean Your Strategy Is Wrong.

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