Poor shoppers ‘paying highest prices’ | BBC News

A study of grocery prices in the south of Scotland has found poorer, rural communities are often charged the highest prices by retailers.

Citizens Advice compared the cost of 11 essentials, including bread, milk and cheese and found prices could triple depending on the purchase area.

The study also found that nappies and tampons had some of the largest price differences and were often unavailable.

Stranraer had the cheapest prices, while Dalbeattie had the highest.

The basket of goods was found to cost just £8.79 in Stranraer, but £24.70 in Dalbeattie.

The Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service (D&GCAS), which used volunteers to shop for the cheapest staples available across the region, claimed that the same retailers were often charging different prices for the same item in different towns.

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Poor shoppers ‘paying highest prices’ – BBC News.