Portland City Council supports tolling to ease highway traffic | The Daily Astorian

Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who runs the city transportation bureau, said he thinks the state should try tolling before it moves forward with the freeway expansions.

“Let me be clear: In my opinion, congestion pricing should happen in these corridors before any shovels break ground,” he said.

Under congestion pricing, the cost of using a road or bridge rises depending on the time of day or amount of traffic. It’s a strategy that a number of cities have adopted recently, including London, Stockholm, New York and Seattle.

The City Council’s resolution also directed the city’s transportation bureau to study whether congestion pricing strategies could improve other bottlenecks.

Saltzman and Mayor Ted Wheeler said they see congestion pricing as a key strategy to ease the city’s growing pains while raising new revenue for badly needed investments in street maintenance and public transit.

A variety of transportation and environmental organizations testified in support of the resolution, including the Port of Portland, Portland Walks and the Oregon Environmental Council.

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