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Prescription drug prices: 3 ways Trump can drive them lower | WND

“Distributors, called pharmacy benefit managers, have set up their businesses to help provide not only distribution supply chains so these institutions have their medicines but also to try to negotiate big discounts for them,” Turner told WND and Radio America.

“There are questions about how much of that money – the discounts – is actually going back to the people making the purchases. You’re always going to have middle men in the economy that work between the manufacturer and the consumer, but I think the lack of transparency in this industry has become something of a problem,” Turner said.

Many liberal critics cried foul when Trump did not order the government to negotiate price reductions with drugmakers, calling it a sellout to the industry. Turner said Trump made exactly the right call.

“The left’s approach always is, ‘Let’s put price controls on drugs and we can get the costs down,’ what every government-run health care program in the world does,” she said. “It doesn’t work. You end up artificially suppressing prices temporarily, but you wind up with fewer new drugs.

“We’re the medicine chest for the world because we don’t have price controls.”

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Prescription drug prices: 3 ways Trump can drive them lower.

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