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Price publication rules ‘will drive down costs and quality’ | Law Society Gazette

Solicitors are worried that publishing fees will encourage potential clients to obsess about price, which will affect their ability to uphold the integrity of the law, a regular bellwether suggests.

LexisNexis’s latest report, The changing face of law, says the profession is facing an ‘unprecedented level’ of price pressure. Since December, firms have been required to publish price and service information on their websites, or to provide it to prospective clients on request if they do not have a website, for specific legal services.

The report states that respondents were concerned that the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s transparency rules will ‘further drive down costs and quality’. Even if firms reveal prices, some solicitors said it would not necessarily indicate what a client would actually pay.

One in 10 solicitors thought transparency was a ‘force for good’. Three in 10 respondents have already published their prices or are getting ready to. However, a third of respondents’ firms considered, then decided against, publication.

The report says some solicitors think publication will encourage potential clients to focus solely on prices even more. The transparency rules were seen as a risk by 41% of respondents, compared to 14% who saw them as an opportunity.

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Price publication rules ‘will drive down costs and quality’ | News | Law Society Gazette.

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