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Price transparency proposals raise thorny questions | Healthcare Dive

A longtime hospital CEO in New Jersey is calling for price transparency — even advocating for disclosure of negotiated prices between hospitals and insurers — as the industry pushes back against attempts by the Trump administration to force highly secretive rates out into the open.

“The current healthcare market is a complex system of secret deals and discounts between insurance companies and healthcare providers,” Michael Maron, CEO of Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey — located about 14 miles outside of Manhattan — wrote recently in a letter responding to proposed regulations that include tackling pricing issues.

“For decades, insurance companies and powerful provider systems have succeeded in keeping their negotiated rates veiled from public view using non-disclosure agreements and restrictive contractual gag clauses,” he wrote.

Maron’s ideas conflict with powerful lobbying groups representing major healthcare institutions and insurance companies.

The American Hospital Association, of which Maron is a member, said the proposed approach of releasing negotiated rates “misses the mark” adding price is not the sole factor patients consider when deciding where to receive care.

“Disclosing negotiated rates between insurers and hospitals could undermine the choices available in the private market,” Tom Nickels, executive vice president of AHA, said in a statement. AHA represents nearly 80% of the nation’s hospitals and lobbies on their behalf.

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Price transparency proposals raise thorny questions | Healthcare Dive.

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