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Price transparency rules ‘not about giving firms a hard time’ – SRA chief | Law Society Gazette

Solicitors speaking at the conference expressed doubts about the merits of the new rules and how useful they may be for clients in practice – particularly if the legal service turns out to be more expensive than they were led to believe.

A panelist on one of the break-out sessions, Wanda Goldwag, chair of the Office of Legal Complaints, said solicitors should regard the new requirements as an opportunity rather than with scepticism.  ‘Many products are just as complex as telling someone how handling their conveyancing will be,’ she added. ‘We need to tell people there is a basic price. In their mind [clients] are thinking “this could be £10,000 or £500”. That gap is just too big.

‘I think it will help [solicitors] because you are now competing with other people who are leading on price – for example these things you call conveyancing factories.’

The new rules apply to conveyancing (residential), probate (uncontested), motoring offences (summary offences), immigration (excluding asylum), employment tribunals (unfair or wrongful dismissal), debt recovery and licensing applications.

Price information, the SRA says, must be presented in a ‘clear and easy to understand format’, providing a total cost or, if this is not possible, an average or range of costs.

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Price transparency rules ‘not about giving firms a hard time’ – SRA chief | News | Law Society Gazette.

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