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Pricer’s Points: Eye-Tracking for Pricing and Brand Innovation | Jose Mendoza

The latter is somewhat novel as the current research on pricing and eye-tracking technologies is been restricted to a closed environment (i.e. a research lab) but with the potential of extending this research on pricing to the field.

The study by Gidlöf et al. (2013) presented differences among the search and decision making behavior. Holmqvist et al. (2011) there are more than 120 different measures for eye-tracking divided in four categories:

  • Movement : Direction, amplitude, duration, velocity, acceleration, shape
  • Position : Landing, dispersion, similarities, duration, pupil diameter
  • Numerosity : Saccades, blink rate, fixations, dwells, transitions, regresions
  • Latency and Distance

However, not all of them might be necessary for pricing research study. For example, when researching in a natural environment (i.e. a grocery store) it will be interesting to correlate the positive identification of a price point with a product identification during the search process. Furthermore, an additional metric is necessary when correlating eye scans of prices with a purchase behavior.

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Eye-Tracking for Pricing and Brand Innovation.

Jose Mendoza

Global Marketing Director | Doctoral Researcher in Pricing | Lecturer

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