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Pricer’s Points: How to price – Governance | Jon Poley

In my experience nothing works well in pricing without getting governance right – I’ve seen smaller SMEs focus elsewhere and large enterprises assume their corporate governance will cover the specifics of pricing. If you want to be sure you’re not risking a lot or leaving money on the table by then please do read on.

So, in the first article in this series “How to price”, here are the top 5 actionable items you can use now to get your Pricing Governance on track and boost performance:

1. Organise reporting processes so that pricing leadership and the executive get the information they need. Don’t stop at P&Ls or sales volumes, you need price achieved, compliance to book price metrics. Most pricing functions include people who love being immersed in data – but it has to get to them, so role one of governance is to make sure the data gets where it’s needed.

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How to price – Governance | LinkedIn.

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