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Pricer’s Points: How to price – Strategy | Jon Poley

It seems that strategy is one of the most complex and nebulous subjects and developing a pricing strategy is no easier. To help, as with the rest of the articles in this “How to price” series, here are 5 actionable items to make your pricing strategy work. I’ve drawn on lessons from chess and quotes from Sun Tzu; it is a strategy article after all.

1. Align your pricing strategy to your business strategy
This seems all too obvious, but whether you have a really well defined business, product or market strategy or just a vision, because pricing can suffer a lack of focus it can be misaligned with the business strategy. For example, if you are aiming to grow ambitiously then remember not just to price accordingly, but to embody growth in your pricing strategy so that you grow the tools needed to price at low margin. Alternatively if you wish to be highly agile in a very fast changing market (what market isn’t?) then should your strategy include at least a partial decentralisation?

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