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Pricer’s Points: Pricing Strategies – Are You Charging Enough? | David F Lewis

Not too long ago, to my embarrassment, I learned I’d been pricing my service plans completely wrong. It pains me to think about the money that was unknowingly being left on the table. Of all the nuances of business and selling, pricing a product should be one of the easier parts.

A product doesn’t just have to be useful or meaningful if it’s going to be successful. It also has to be priced correctly. You’d imagine choosing the right price is just a case of calculating the cost of manufacturing and marketing, plus a little bit extra to gain a profit. But obviously it’s not quite so simple.

So, how should you price your products? Is there such a thing as a fair price? How can you tell what customers want? If increasing your sales numbers is your goal, you should keep reading to learn about the experiments and strategies that will best help you determine the ideal pricing for your product or service.

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Pricing Strategies: Are You Charging Enough?

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