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Pricer’s Points: Retailers Fixate on the Customer | Giancarlo CORONA

Another much-expected RSR’s annual report, released in March, provides the state of the art for the retail advanced analytics adoption. An important benchmark for retailers, professionals and solution providers, who are evaluating innovative Big-Data initiatives in the retail & consumer industry.

After a deep analysis, compared with my direct experience, here below an abstract of the key findings.

Retailers report that understanding consumer’s path to purchase is more challenging than ever (Figure 4). However Retail Winners (> 3.5% YoY comparable sales) are approaching the issue differently.

While analysis of customer behaviour and cross-channel purchase decision is by far the most important objective retailers hope to achieve with their Analytics capabilities, few are satisfied with what they can do now.

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Retailers Fixate on the Customer.

Giancarlo CORONA

Interim Retail & Consumer Advisor

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