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Pricer’s Points: Rules When Online Shopping Fails | Rocky D’Adamo

For the last 8 years my Christmas shopping has been a breeze. I always received great deals and was pretty much finished in 1 day. This is shocking and envious for some. My parents always had a bad habit of waiting until the week before Christmas to out to Woodfield Mall and fight a crowd of 8,000 frantic parents playing tug of war for the tickle me Elmo until Elmo’s poor arms ripped off. I sat in my comfy office chair and laughed thinking I found the secret; I found the Holy Grail for all my Christmas Shopping. I can use one word to describe my genius: Ecommerce. I sat on my high horse and judged anyone too foolish to use the internet for their Christmas shopping. I took Black Friday by the horns, wrestled it to the ground, and told the world I am a better shopper than Kim Kardashian’s stylist…Then it happened. After 8 years of flawless online Christmas shopping I received that crazy email you only hear about on the likes of Fox News or even Good Morning America. My entire Christmas Order was CANCELLED! The reason? Well after calling the customer service number listed online and talking to two different folks over the phone, the best they could come up w/ was “Well, UPS didn’t pick up your order from our warehouse. We accidentally took the items out of the box and re-stocked everything. Now we are out of stock on all but 5 of the items on your original order.” Over the last two days I learned a few valuable lessons in Online shopping and when it goes wrong that I would love to share:

Rules when online shopping goes wrong:

Rule 1 – Print your order immediately to PDF. I hate paper, and i hate killing trees, so printing to PDF is like a hot fudge sundae w/ a cherry on top. You keep your records tidy and on the computer where they belong. Don’t stop at the Order Confirmation either, while we’re at it also print your shipping confirmation, and finally print the cancellation. You need something that shows your original price so that the retailer has no choice but to match it.

Rule 2 – Try not to lose it on the first customer service person you talk to. This one is hard, and it was very hard for me to do. But let’s try and be realistic. It’s Dec 8th, the customer service kid is probably one of two things: 1. Straight out of college and 4 months into his first job, or 2. A temp. This kid doesn’t even buy Christmas presents for family members yet, and is still sending a letter of his request for a XBox One to Santa. He has no idea that your Christmas was ruined by an email from the company that employs him. To be honest right now he has you on mute and is on gmail chatting w/ the two guys sitting next to him.

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Rules When Online Shopping Fails

Rocky D'Adamo

Rocky D’Adamo

Sr. Pricing Analyst at Grainger

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