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Pricer’s Points: Should every Pricing Professional be Certified? | Michael Calogridis


I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the notion of graduate schools having a Pricing component (be it a major or minor) as part of the MBA field of study. This concept is used in one school i know (University of Rochester) but given the rise in the prominence of pricing roles should more schools be adopting Pricing as part of their graduate school classes? i was informed a few other schools doing some types of pricing seminars, etc.

So this gets to the whole concept of how should be Pricing and a Pricing strategy in general be approached from improving that practice within individual companies.

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Should every Pricing Professional be Certified? | Michael Calogridis, Pricing Expert – Retail.

Michael Calogridis

VP Pricing, Pricing VP, Vice President Pricing, Pricing Vice President – Pricing Expert (Retail, Heathcare, CPG, B2B)

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