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Pricer’s Points: The “C” in B2B Pricing Research | Jose Mendoza

There have been different traditional approaches to B2B pricing research, most of them centered in the estimation of value-based pricing and willingness to pay (WTP). According to Hinterhuber (2004), this area has been neglected with few studies on the topic of B2B pricing research. This view is supported by Cressman (2013) who argues that there is lack of rigorous theory development and testing in the area of B2B pricing research. Moreover, a review of the literature on pricing research, done by Leone et al. (2012) revealed that out of the two 25 most cited articles on pricing research, only two covered business-to-business pricing.

Different slants to pricing research in the business-to-business area have been developed. From estimations of Willingness-to-Pay as presented by Nagle et al. (2010) to more novel value models. But it seems like the role of the consumer in B2B pricing research have been largely ignored. For example, an examination of the offering by the major pricing consulting companies in the USA[1] revealed a strong emphasis in revenue and profit optimization, value management, price segmentation and pricing and discount management.

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The “C” in B2B Pricing Research.

Jose Mendoza

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