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Anonymous asked: Yo E, how do you deal with the anxiety of pricing a commission/job for a client in person?
I tend to avoid agreeing to things in person and I usually ask for 24 hours before I say yes to anything. It takes discipline because sometimes I get anxiety it appears sus to the client but it’s standard practice in this industry. I just tell them pricing can vary a lot and I need to take time to put together a formal estimate.

If they really insist and for some reason you really want to entertain them, here’s what I suggest: tell them your hourly rate but you’d rather price it by project and that it’d be financially beneficial for the client to let you have the proper time to gather information about the project and put forth a formal proposal.

As for hourly rates, there’s something important that you should know that might help with your anxiety.

If you know the minimum amount that you should charge to maintain your lifestyle, that might alleviate the anxiety because if a client can’t work with that hourly rate you know it’s not going to work out.

So if you’re fresh out of school, living modestly in Brooklyn, you went to art school so you have monthly student loans to pay off, but you’re not living above your means and you do your budgeting, let’s say you need to make $45000 before taxes a year to feel that you can safely cover your expenses, divide that by $1000 and that should be your minimum hourly rate. That’s $45 an hour. You should charge higher than that of course, and if it’s a friend or an interesting project, you can go lower, but you shouldn’t go below $45.  I’m not saying you should never make an exception but I’m saying that every time you do, you are putting yourself at risk. Also at the end of the day, $15 an hour is the ethical minimum wage so *please* don’t go below that, it fucks that up for the rest of us.

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Eric Hu — Yo E, how do you deal with the anxiety of pricing….