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Pricing Is Not a Marketing Campaign | Selling Out

Interest in an event only translates into action at the right price. Photo Credit: “Chicago Theatre Marquee,” © 2013 Danielle Bauer, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

Everyone knows that pricing of tickets affects sales, and the main way this is usually observed is when prices drop, ticket sales go up.

What does this mean? Why does it work like this? Is it the equivalent of a word-of-mouth marketing campaign that gets people excited and talking about the tickets for sale?

Not really, at least not usually. The way price usually works is more like this: There’s a potential customer who’s aware of an event. Let’s call her Alex again. For this event, which happens to be Monkey Choir, she’s got an interest in the event, but that interest is only going to translate into action at the right price. This is always true, but we’re going to put her price preferences right out in the open to see how it works.

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Pricing Is Not a Marketing Campaign.

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