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Language service providers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ranging from the super professionally PRO with capital letters to the carefree creative types. They speak different languages. They have dissimilar interests. And they don’t always agree on the fundamentals of translation.

But whether they know it or not, they have one thing in common: They are business people. And, as such, they need to price, negotiate, and close, just like every other business person. Some language professionals are naturals when it comes to pricing, negotiating, and closing. Others could use a little help. (Side note: Those who feel they could use a little help can check out our Money Mastermind webinar series. There’s a very special treat for our newsletter subscribers).

What makes pricing, negotiating, and closing so easy for some and so hard for others?
One argument is personality type. Many people are familiar with Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myer’s typology. According to these researchers, people fall into 16 personality types identified by way of 4 letters. I, for example, am an ENFJ. And this, in theory, affects my career and my professional decisions on several fronts. It’s a well-researched and popular theory. And if you’ve ever picked up a business book, you’ve probably read all about it.

Solid though it is, there’s something about that theory that just bugs me. According to WorldMeters, there are 7.6 billion unique individual human beings on the planet. All scattered throughout 195 equally unique individual countries, communicating their cultural values in different languages and geopolitical settings. If we stop and think about the vast cultural, historical, linguistic, and philosophical richness of this little rock we call Earth, why would we want to fit all 7.6 billion of our individual selves into 16 tiny boxes? Why label at all?

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Pricing, Negotiating and Closing Like a Boss · You love your business..