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Pricing News Daily > 11/26/14

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How Much is Music Worth? Radical.fm Lets You Decide | The Next Web

Elsewhere, Spotify is looking to tempt more users on board by cutting prices and undercutting the competition. Less than a month after Spotify announced it was introducing family subscription plans, charging a few bucks less per-additional-person than Rdio, Rdio was forced to match Spotify dollar-for-dollar. Race to the bottom? There is so much competition now in the online music-streaming space, it […]

The Psychology of Price | Visual DNA

“It’s like when a 39-year-old turns 40, the birthday feels like a big deal,” says Robert Schindler, a professor of marketing at UCLA. He’s talking about the effect of prices that end .99, how just a single penny between two larger amounts creates this symbolic buffer in our minds. So we perceive £3.99 as being […]

Is This The Highest Surge Price Ever Recorded In Uber History? | Business Insider

Surge pricing is economics 101, mobile ride-hailing company Uber preaches. If you want supply to keep up with increasing demand, you need to incentivise drivers to get on the road and come pick you up. “By *raising* the price you *increase* the number of cars on the road and maximise the number of safe convenient […]

Smartphone Price Revolution? Not Yet, Not Just Yet | Technology Personalized

The old order changeth… not! For, while there is no doubt that the likes of Xiaomi, Motorola, Lenovo and OnePlus have shown that it is possible to deliver flagship-level specifications at prices that are much lower than those being charged by ‘established’ players, this does not seem to be affecting the established players themselves much. […]

Walmart’s move to match Amazon deals spotlights mobile’s role in dynamic pricing | Mobile Marketer

With Walmart’s pledge to match Amazon’s prices this holiday selling season, dynamic pricing is in the spotlight, emphasizing mobile’s role in impelling brands to change prices on the fly to attract online shoppers looking for the best deal. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, last week said it will enforce a price-matching policy in all its […]

Pink or Blue? Price Discrimination against Women in the Personal Hygiene Market | The Wiglaf Journal

During a recent web search I came across an article about a French women’s group caught my eye. The group, Georgette Sand, is taking a stand against price discrimination directed at female consumers. As a pricing professional, price “segmentation” is something that I am not opposed to. In fact, if a company can pull it […]

Why Your Competitor is Cheaper Than You | The Sales Hunter

Have you asked yourself why your competitor is able to offer what your customers believe is the same thing as what you sell for less money? Your customer is wondering this.  They are wondering why you are more expensive and the competitor is less expensive. Comparisons are simply not fair. I don’t say this as […]

10 Classic Studies on Pricing Psychology | Huffington Post

Utilizing smart pricing when selling your wares, be they products, services or subscriptions, is a must if you want to succeed in a competitive marketplace. The worst thing you can do is to try to wing it when it comes to pricing. Yet this is a mistake I see many entrepreneurs making. Today we will […]

Dynamic Pricing Gains Ground | CRM Magazine

Controversial among critics, dynamic pricing is not a new concept. In e-commerce, retail giants such as Amazon and Walmart have been engaged in an all-out price war for some time, constantly lowering prices to stave off competition. As analytics and automation technologies continue to make the price adjustment process simpler, however, the race among top […]

Best Firestick TV Amazon Pricing Revealed for Friday Shoppers at Geekworthy Website | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Some of the best Firestick TV pricing through Amazon is now revealed for Friday shoppers this week at the Geekworthy website at http://geekworthy.com/fire-tv-stick-2014-price-guide. Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 25, 2014 Shoppers planning to purchase online the Friday after Thanksgiving could benefit from low prices announced by some retailers this year. The Geekworthy website has released its […]

This Week in Pricing > 11/23/14

TWIP is a recap of the week’s best pricing focused news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals. This Edition is Sponsored by: Strategic Pricing Solutions Strategic Pricing Solutions, LLC (SPS) is a management consulting firm helping clients with pricing strategies, data analytics, and pricing processes. SPS was formed […]

Pricer’s Points: 5 Tips on Market Segmentation | Frank Luby

An Inc. article this week asked whether Apple could kill the freemium music model when it relaunches Beats Music. It also cited some data and interesting analyses from Venrock’s David Pakman on how much people spend on music. Think about that phrase for a moment: “how much people spend on music”. Music spending and music […]

Discussion: Where is Pricing headed?

Pricing as a vocation has been around for a number of years but really ‘heated up’ in the last 10 years or so as companies of all sizes realize they need to better manage this critical area. Jumping on this bandwagon of recognition for having a Pricing Strategy, companies developed Pricing teams of all different […]


Events and Resources

Webcast: Learn How B&B Trade Distribution Centre Uses Strategic Pricing Tools to Identify Price-sensitive Products and Services | SPA

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 2:00 PM Eastern

Register to attend our webcast that starts at 2:00 PM EST where Robb Howe, General Manager for B&B Trade will share their journey to pricing excellence and how they are leveraging science-based strategic pricing tools to identify price-sensitive products and services. To implement a solution that enhanced profitability, […]

Conference: Strategic Pricing Conference | SPA

When: January 15-16, 2015 Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Ritz Carlton

Learn how leading manufacturing and distribution executives have unlocked the keys to faster growth, stronger customer relationships, and market-leading profitability with SPA’s proven strategic pricing processes and technology. Event Overview Equal parts strategy and practical tactics, this complimentary Strategic Pricing Executive Overview event at the Ritz […]

Seminar: The Value-based Pricing of Innovation | Stage-Gate International

When: April 14-15, 2015

Where: Washington DC

Early Bird Price: $1495 US

Are you capturing the value of your innovation? Firms are pouring billions in innovation investments every year with the goal of creating differentiation and competitive products and services. Many, however, forget two critical elements in the innovation management process: the clear definition and measurement of […]

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