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Pricing News Daily > 12/17/14

Pricing News Daily is a digest of top pricing strategy in the news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals.


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How Your Sales Presentation is Stopping You From Selling at a Higher Price | The Sales Hunter

One of the reasons salespeople don’t get the price they want or are pushed to offer a discount to close a sale is due to their value proposition. Too many salespeople use a single value proposition. They do so because they’ve had success with it and they’re comfortable with it. In my mind, the reason […]

It’s Clear, Financial Transparency Is Better for Display Advertisers | Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe

Is a transparent pricing model from a display advertising vendor in the best interest of the advertiser or is a black box approach better? Can display vendors who show their fees and media costs provide the best combination of performance plus transparency? I believe it’s yes that transparent pricing is in the best interest of […]

Using quality and price to distinguish your products in the noisy global marketplace | Trade Ready

Are you able to not only catch people’s attention, but then also ultimately translate it into fulfilling your objectives of maximizing profits and gaining market share? More importantly, once you actually have the customers’ attention, are you telling customers the story of what makes your product different or better, and therefore worth buying? There are […]

The Lesson in American Airlines’ Smart Pricing Plan for its Exclusive Club | Entrepreneur

Pricing is psychological. There are two types of customers in this world, or at least in my world: the ones who can’t commit (pay as they go) and the ones who can commit (subscribers). Businesses hate the pay-as-you-go types and love the subscribers. Just look at the numbers. I’ll probably visit the Admirals Club about […]

How to Find Out What Customers Will Pay | Harvard Business Review

It’s one of the most fundamental decisions that every business must make: What price should I charge? The right answer to that question is a company should charge “what the market will bear” — in other words, the highest price that customers will pay. Unfortunately, few companies use this approach. Instead, prices are usually set […]

Pricing your product – it doesn’t have to be so complicated | Joel Gascoigne

In the last week I’ve talked with a few early stage startup founders about pricing. It seems pricing is often a large block for many. It’s understandable, since there are so many decisions to make: When do you start charging? How much do you charge? Do you have a free plan? Do you have a […]

Microsoft responds to customer feedback regarding pricing of Visual Studio Online | WinBeta

Working on a team to develop with Microsoft’s online tools is getting cheaper because Microsoft is responding to their customer feedback and changing their prices. Visual Studio Online, Team Foundation Server, online testing, and Online Build Service are all getting their prices adjusted to better fit customer’s needs. The main flaw in Microsoft’s original pricing […]

Avoid the price wars | NationNews Barbados

“Don’t discount your product or service for the sake of competing. Getting into a price war with your competitors – without adjusting the value of the product or service – will just send you and your competition swirling into a downward pricing death spiral where no one wins,” he warned. Some alternatives he gave included […]

Company’s pricing strategy helps SMEs use software legally | Engineering News

Engineering software specialist company Autodesk has implemented special prices, including rental options, to make its widely used engineering design and manufacturing software programs available to small business in Africa. The most significant reason why companies use licensed software is to avoid data loss or cybercrime breaches, while the high cost of software licences is the […]

Judge Rules Drug Maker Can’t Shelve Old Pill | NYTimes.com

A federal judge has decided to block for now an attempt by the drug company Actavis to halt sales of an older form of its Alzheimer’s disease drug Namenda in favor of a newer version with a longer patent life. The decision, issued Thursday, represents a victory for New York’s attorney general, who had filed […]

This Week in Pricing > 12/14/14

TWIP is a recap of the week’s best pricing focused news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals. This Edition is Sponsored by: Value Innoruption Advisors Founded by Dr. Stephan Liozu, Value Innoruption Advisors provides training and consulting resources for organizations interested in embedding value-based methodologies in their […]

Pricer’s Points: The 5 biggest challenges in pricing in Asia | Jesper Hansson – CPP

I was part of a discussion recently about where I see the biggest current challenges in pricing in Asia and it inspired me to share my views with you in this blog. When it comes to developing powerful pricing strategies and well-oiled pricing departments, Asia is still behind both North America and Europe. There is […]

Discussion: 9 Ways Your Pricing Strategy Sucks

Why do I want to talk about pricing? There is a disease called “Price Discounting.” It is like heroin. It will kill you and your business. Let me give you an example to explain this: You make a 40% gross margin. You decide one day to reduce your prices by 6%. That means that you […]


Events and Resources

Conference: Strategic Pricing Conference | SPA

When: January 15-16, 2015 Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Ritz Carlton

Learn how leading manufacturing and distribution executives have unlocked the keys to faster growth, stronger customer relationships, and market-leading profitability with SPA’s proven strategic pricing processes and technology. Event Overview Equal parts strategy and practical tactics, this complimentary Strategic Pricing Executive Overview event at the Ritz […]

Seminar: The Value-based Pricing of Innovation | Stage-Gate International

When: April 14-15, 2015

Where: Washington DC

Early Bird Price: $1495 US

Are you capturing the value of your innovation? Firms are pouring billions in innovation investments every year with the goal of creating differentiation and competitive products and services. Many, however, forget two critical elements in the innovation management process: the clear definition and measurement of […]

Conference: Manufacturing Pricing Excellence – Barcelona 2015

When: May 20-22, 2015

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Event Overview On behalf of Copperberg and the entire Pricing competence team I am delighted to announce our 3rd Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence conference scheduled for 20-22nd of May 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Since our last edition in Amsterdam, together with our advisory board and delegate network we have been […]

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