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Pricing News Daily > 5/20/19

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Currently, PPS produces three major annual pricing conferences in Europe and North America. Each conference also houses a technology hall where sponsors display the latest in Pricing Solutions software. PPS also offers more than two dozen, full-day training workshops every year, taught by leaders in the pricing community. These workshops serve as the foundation for PPS’s Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation, our state of the art pricing certification program. Candidates may be certified after mastering a multi-stage curriculum followed by rigorous testing. Successful CPPs have acquired the core knowledge which not only places them in the top rungs of the pricing field, but also gives them the tools to enhance substantially their own careers.

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Employers Cut Health Plan Costs with Reference-Based Pricing | SHRM

Employers Cut Health Plan Costs with Reference-Based Pricing | SHRM

he U.S. health care system is notorious for its lack of price transparency. Some self-insured employers are responding by using reference-based pricing (RBP) with doctors and hospitals—in effect, setting their own prices for health care services. RBP is a cost-containment strategy that pays doctors, labs, clinics and hospitals a percentage of an established benchmark. Most […]


The UK’s new medicines pricing deal – opportunities and risks for pharma | PMLiVE

The UK’s new medicines pricing deal – opportunities and risks for pharma | PMLiVE

January 2019 saw the introduction of the new Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines Pricing and Access (VPAS) in the UK. There are some significant changes, and the complexity of the deal can make it bewildering. So what does it mean for pharma, and what can the sector do to maximise its opportunities and minimise its […]


Ryanair expects to win in airline ‘fare wars’ | BBC News

Ryanair expects to win in airline ‘fare wars’ | BBC News

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has said he expects the airline to benefit from any price war in the industry. Mr O’Leary said “artificially low prices” and “attritional fare wars” could dent profits for a year or two. He was speaking after the airline reported that profits fell by nearly a third last year to €1bn […]


How much do you charge? Setting your price as a small business | Bondfield Marketing

How much do you charge? Setting your price as a small business | Bondfield Marketing

Pricing your products or services can be a sticky issue. If you’ve set up your business based on a passion or purpose, it can feel challenging to put a monetary value on your offer. Money generally is an area that can feel icky, and money conversations can be tough. Whether you are an online shop […]


Why The Fed Needs To Pay Attention To The ‘Amazon Effect’ On Online Pricing | Forbes

Why The Fed Needs To Pay Attention To The ‘Amazon Effect’ On Online Pricing | Forbes

It’s no secret that fierce competition from Amazon puts downward pressure on prices charged by Walmart and other big multichannel retailers for the same items. However, the bigger “Amazon effect” relates not to the prices themselves but to the pricing behaviors of these more traditional retailers, according to Alberto Cavallo, the Edgerley Family Associate Professor […]


GOQii Sends Legal Notice To Flipkart Over Predatory Pricing | Inc42

GOQii Sends Legal Notice To Flipkart Over Predatory Pricing | Inc42

California and Mumbai-based fitness and wearable startup  GOQii is taking legal action against ecommerce giant Flipkart due to deep discounting of its products which allegedly violate the sales agreement between the companies. GOQii founder Vishal Gondal told ET that the company had an agreement with Flipkart for the sale of its fitness bands. However, the […]


How much do you end up saving on a low-cost airline? | Marketplace

How much do you end up saving on a low-cost airline? | Marketplace

Seat selection. Boarding times. Carry-on bags. Checked bags. Figuring out the best airline tickets to buy can be a headache. Low-cost airlines — think Southwest or Spirit or Frontier — have given travelers the opportunity to fly at discounted prices, but it’s also increased the number of factors you have to consider. Like whether those […]


Could Congestion Pricing Help Curb U.S. Traffic? | Fortune

Could Congestion Pricing Help Curb U.S. Traffic? | Fortune

Congestion charges—fees paid by drivers to enter highly trafficked areas in peak times—are coming to America. As part of the state budget, New York lawmakers have approved a daily charge on motor vehicles entering Manhattan below 61st Street. The plan is scheduled to go into effect in 2021, with the proceeds used to fix N.Y.C.’s […]

Webinar: Successful Price Increases using Market Insights | PriceBeam

Digitalization is everywhere of course. But whereas some industries are 100% digital from birth, others are still transforming from traditional consumer or industrial products to more of a digital service industry. Regardless of where your industry and company is on the digitalization path, pricing practices are severely impacted. Digitalization means increased transparency, more information,  as well as internationalization of buying and selling, but also new opportunities for value-adding and new services that can be offered and monetized.

Participants and viewers of the webinar will learn about:

  • What trends in digitalization mean for pricing.
  • Avoiding (some) pricing pitfalls when digitalizing existing offerings
  • Using digital insights to better understand opportunities
  • How to predict optimal prices for digital services using market research

The webinar will be available from the end of May 31st, 2019. If you have already signed up you will receive a link by the end of this date. Otherwise, sign up on the right and receive a link by email to view the recording.



Webinar (On-demand): Setting the Right Price on New Products or Services | PriceBeam

In this webinar PriceBeam co-founder and Chairman, Finn Hansen, together with The Pricing Coach, Mark Peacock walk viewers through various challenges around the pricing of new products or services.

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • Common challenges when creating new products or services
  • How pricing should play a more prominent role in the innovation process
  • The various steps of product development and how pricing can add value at each step
  • Different types of price research that can improve the value of the new product
  • Psychological pricing tactics to improve the introduction of the new product or service.


Webinar (On-Demand): Using AI To Get C-suite Attention For Pricing | Perfect Price and PPS

Pricing is high impact, but are you getting the attention you deserve? In any enterprise environment, the struggle for attention and resources is always an issue. As a pricing professional, how can you get c-suite attention for prioritizing pricing initiatives and allocating budget?

Aligning yourself with your company’s digital transformation initiatives is a great way to move pricing into the fold as a key driver. In particular, focusing on disruptive technologies like Cloud Technologies, AI, Machine Learning, and Decision Automation, can help to spark executive interest.

By choosing an AI vendor over other pre-internet vendors you’ll find more approachable budgets and rapid implementation timelines, which will aid immensely in getting executive buy-in. AI-based pricing tools, like Perfect Price, have measurable ROI and are proven to simulate pricing better than other technologies.



30th Annual Fall Conference & Workshops October 15-18, 2019 | PPS

We are excited to announce we’ll be in Las Vegas, NV for our 30th Annual Fall Pricing Conference & Workshops October 15-18, 2019! You can register now and take advantage of our Early Bird Offer.


Webinar (On-Demand): Machine Learning & Data – The Latest Pricing Opportunity | PPS and Vistaar

In today’s ever-evolving world, data and software driven strategies are imperative to creating sustained commercial success.

Computers are more adept than humans at sorting through data with complex variables such as frequently fluctuating costs, rapidly evolving pricing models, and shifting customer priorities. Modern pricing software solutions, powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, enable businesses to constantly analyze data on an unparalleled scale and drive decision making based on data.

In this PPS webinar, Vistaar’s Director of Product Management, Dushyant Zutshi, discusses how advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques drive intelligent pricing and sales strategies for success in the data-driven world.


“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power,” Buffett told the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in an interview…

“If you’ve got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you’ve got a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you’ve got a terrible business.”

     – Warren Buffett


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