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Pricing News Daily > 6/19/14

Pricing News Daily is a digest of top pricing strategy in the news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals.


Today’s Headlines

Is Your Price High Enough? | The Sales Hunter

Far too many companies are afraid of what might happen if they raise their prices. The fear is the high price will be a turn off to customers and sales will simply dry up. A high price is not something to avoid. In fact, a high price can be an excellent tool in closing more […]

Art of negotiation in the Big Data world of pricing | McKinsey on Marketing & Sales

A new culture of pricing Roger: There were three main changes to the way we did business after we implemented our pricing approach based on value. (1) We used to do mass pricing, but now it’s more smart pricing, which is about communicating value. There is no one-size-fits-all anymore. (2) We used to do pricing […]

Apple Expected to Appeal E-Book Price Fixing Ruling | Mashable

Monday’s settlement doesn’t end the main dispute between the Justice Department and Apple, which was tried last June and which Apple lost. A July ruling by Judge Cote found the company had violated antitrust laws and colluded with book publishers to inflate the price of e-books. In February, Apple asked the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn Cote’s […]

Independent Booksellers Mount Offensive Against Amazon’s Dominance | Newsweek

None of these shops have a physical existence: They are part of a recently launched British website, myindependentbookshop.co.uk, where anyone can post a selection of books he or she loves. If a reader buys a book you recommend, a percentage of the price goes to your favorite brick-and-mortar bookshop. Penguin Random House, which created the website, […]

The Difficulty of Pricing a Product or Service | Kevin Muldoon

Those of you who have developed products and services before will know that it is important to get the pricing strategy correct. Sometimes, that is easier said than done. To determine the price of a digital product or service, you need to look at what your competitors are charging. However, you also need to set […]

Should You Launch a Fighter Brand? | Harvard Business Review

Managers contemplating a new product launch during the prosperous early years of the twenty-first century typically looked only in one direction: up. Thanks to consumers’ rising incomes and apparently insatiable desire for superior quality, the era began with a focus on “premiumization,” “trading up,” and “luxury for the masses.” But times change. Economic strains are […]

When Customers Help Set Prices | MIT Sloan Management Review

To many managers, the idea of involving customers in pricing decisions seems counterproductive. But it may be time to reexamine that assumption. For most companies, pricing has long been a sensitive, private affair. Management has a fundamental obligation to recoup costs and earn an adequate return. But it’s worth asking: Is your pr icing model […]

Pricing – The Heart of Revenue Generation and Profitability | HotelExecutive.com

Are You Leveraging Pricing Power? By S. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Founder , Ignite Insight LLC Price and Value Deliverance While the effect of pricing on profitability is unmistakable, the ultimate result is dependent on the value that is delivered compared to the price charged. Customers in the modern day context brought up on a feast of social […]

World Cup games costly at Little Italy bar | CBC News Toronto

It was a frustrating game for Portuguese fans at Cafe Diplomatico when the team lost its World Cup match with Germany 4-0. But it could have been worse: Italy could’ve been playing. Every time Italy plays a game, the Little Italy bar and restaurant institutes a minimum hourly charge for each of its patrons — a […]

Monster Is Rejuvenating | Forbes

We believe that Monster may be on the cusp of revitalizing its business. Our current price estimate for the company stands at $7.92, implying a premium of about 25% to the market price. It recently revealed its near term strategy which includes significant expansion in the number of job listings, leveraging social media and adding more flexibility to […]

Repositioning a Product in a Competitive Marketplace – Case Study | TCii Video Blog

A company was losing sales because its products were more expensive than competing ones, and potential customers didn’t see the higher prices as justified. This video explains how we helped our client reposition its products, making them easier to understand and buy, and allowing the company to better articulate its value in a crowded marketplace. […]

Price Optimization: How to Lead the Competition vs. Follow | ERP VAR

What tools do the most successful firms use to set prices in order in favor of price optimization? The largest firms in the world spend millions on outside analysts, consultants, and poll professionals to develop pricing strategies and tactics. They have the economy of scale and the resources. This tradition continues today, but with a twist. […]

This Week in Pricing > 6/14/14 | Pricing News

TWIP is a recap of the week’s top pricing strategy in the news and resources for pricing professionals. We also publish a daily digest of top pricing news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership and industry news and events. The Past Week’s Top Pricing Related Headlines Why Your Sales Team is So Afraid of […]

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