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Pricing News Daily > 7/17/14

Pricing News Daily is a digest of top pricing strategy in the news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals.


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Founded by Dr. Stephan Liozu, Value Innoruption Advisors provides training and consulting resources for organizations interested in embedding value-based methodologies in their go-to-market strategies related to innovation, marketing, pricing, and sales. Value Innoruption Advisors offers two popular value and pricing management certification programs – Customer Value Modelers™ (CVM™) and Change Agent in Pricing™ (CAP™).

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Today’s Headlines

VIDEO SALES TIP – Your View of Profit is All Wrong! | The Sales Hunter

Too many salespeople and companies look at profit the wrong way! I meet so many people who think if they can just get the sale — even at a discount — then they will eventually make up profit in the long run.  But quantity of sales won’t ever make up for quality of sales! You […]

Justice Department Investigates Possible Pricing Coordination in Music Publishing | WSJ

The Justice Department is investigating possible pricing coordination among music publishing companies as it reviews the decades-old rules that govern the cost of licensing songs, according to people familiar with the matter. The Justice Department recently sent out requests for documents from Sony Corp.’s Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Publishing, along with […]

Why the Cost of Spotify and Other Music Streaming Services Must Increase | Motley Fool

Consumers clearly like streaming music, as it offers them an unlimited selection at a very low price — Spotify charges $9.99 for its all-you-can-listen service that allows on-demand access to the millions of songs in its library. The challenge is that if physical and digital sales go away, artists have no reason to keep giving […]

Breaking Down Your Competitor’s Pricing Model | OpenView Labs

Breaking down your competitor’s pricing model can offer valuable insights when it comes to changing your own pricing strategy. The best part? It’s actually easier than it sounds. A good place to start when contemplating a pricing strategy change is looking at how your direct and indirect competitors price their products. Knowing about other pricing models […]

Discussion: Google Is Working On Airfare Price Comparison Tool That Will Blow Everyone Out Of That Water

Business Insider Article The company has shared its pricing information with the company, which is developing a service that will display fares without bias and then direct customers to third party sites where they can buy tickets. “Google will say, ‘Here are the fares,’ then you click straight through to Ryanair or someone else. It […]

Pricer’s Points | July 16, 2014

The “Pricer’s Points“ blog series provides a forum for pricing professionals to share their insights and experience. Our guest bloggers share their knowledge about specific product or industry challenges, geographic complexities, strategies, tactics, and technologies. This Edition is Sponsored by: Value Innoruption Advisors Founded by Dr. Stephan Liozu, Value Innoruption Advisors provides training and consulting resources […]

Is Southwest Airlines’ marketing strategy putting passengers in danger? | The Business Journals

Southwest Airlines knows it can’t compete with other airlines on high-class service and doesn’t try. Instead, it’s known for keeping costs down with its no-thrills service but still understands that the definition of brand value is no longer just about price. It’s actually the sum of your functional, emotional and participative benefits divided by price. Uniqueness […]

Pricing Pitfalls And The Professional Buyer | PYMNTS.com

Pricing Is The Pain Point Across the board, complexity was a central concern of B2B buyers—98 percent reported it in some form or other– and those concerns across a spanned across issue. Of particularly concern were navigating web procurement portals-which unlike their B2C counter-parts are not designed as acutely with user experience in mind, thus […]

IBM Finally Joins Cloud Pricing Wars – What it Really Means for Big Blue (GOOG, IBM) | Motley Fool

IBM (NYSE: IBM  ) is among the last tech companies to join the cloud pricing wars that have been raging on this year. On June 10, IBM lowered the price of storage available through its SoftLayer cloud infrastructure service by 60% to just $0.04 per GB per month, bringing it within spitting distance of Amazon  (NASDAQ: AMZN  ) AWS’ $0.03 per GB […]

Pricing Products & How Smaller Portions Rip You Off | Gary Bizzo

We all hate higher prices gas, food, accomodations; you name it. The higher pricing of products seems to have reached people’s threshold and they are not taking it anymore. You know why I know that? Simple. I’ve noticed that prices are edging slightly higher all the time but more importantly portions are getting smaller. Living […]

Paper: A dynamic pricing strategy for high occupancy toll lanes | Transportation Research

Highlights  We propose a toll pricing strategy which can dynamically adjust toll price. The toll is adjusted based on value of travel time and travel conditions. The objective can be modified to achieve various levels of delay and revenue. Case study demonstrates effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed strategy. Abstract High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes […]

Pricing Quotes

One should always take a little time out to enjoy the lighter side of their profession. Enjoy the following sample from our collection of our favorite pricing related quotes.

“make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.”

     – Katharine Paine

“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power”

     – Warren Buffett

Implementing Value Pricing with Ron Baker | The Businessology Show

Dan and Jason continue their pricing show line-up with the incredible Ron Baker, author of Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms. In this episode of The Businessology Show, Dan and Jason speak with value pricing mastermind Ron Baker.  Discover how Ron became a value pricing guru not from the economic side, but from […]

No Man’s Land Pricing | Musings of a Techie

It struck me recently how many web developers or micro agencies are stuck in a no man’s land between value based pricing and time & materials based pricing. This is damaging these individuals / companies, and it is harming the industry as a whole. Before I get into the details of this, permit me to explain what I mean […]

If I bring a laptop on my next flight, what does it cost the airline? | The Operations Room

It’s been a while since we have posted about airline baggage fees, one of my favorite topics. As I have argued before (see here or here), baggage fees are interesting since they serve as a way to regulate passenger behavior and potentially lower airline costs. Fewer bags means less labor in loading them on and off […]

The Top 3 Ecommerce Pricing Strategy Trends | Promodo

Have you ever wondered how online retailers manage to differentiate themselves despite selling the exact same merchandise? Pricing in ecommerce is an essential way for retailers to stand out and secure customer loyalty. There are three different pricing strategies that online retailers have widely adopted, both historically and recently. Loss leading is a strategy that […]

This Week in Pricing > 7/12/14

TWIP is a recap of the week’s top pricing strategy in the news and resources for pricing professionals. We also publish a daily digest of top pricing news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership and industry news and events. The Past Week’s Top Pricing Related Headlines The Worst Kind of Customer… | The Sales […]

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