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Pricing News Daily > 7/3/14

Pricing News Daily is a digest of top pricing strategy in the news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals.


Today’s Headlines

Should Your Pricing Leave Money on the Table? | Selling Out

If your ticket prices are getting the very last dime of value from the marketplace, I believe you’ve gone too far. In the world of pure reason, in which economists and undoubtedly some of my business school economics professors live or at least vacation, the statement that I just made is irrational. There’s no reason […]

Dangers of Discounting Your Price: 20 Questions Worth Asking | The Sales Hunter

When I’m asked to assist sales teams with pricing and how to move away from their discounting habits, I start by asking questions. If discounting is a standard practice in your company, I urge you to ask yourself the below 20 questions: 1. What % of your sales are made only because a discount is […]

Don’t Fall For These 5 Pricing Tricks | Linkis.com

Everything from product placement to music to scent can subconsciously coerce you into opening your wallet. But perhaps the most pervasive and effective strategy retailers employ in their quest for you to spend as much as possible is pricing. They know even savvy consumers often don’t understand the complexities of retail pricing, and they’ve done their Psych […]

3 Key Strategies for Pricing Your Product | StartupCollective

Is your product’s price tag too hot, too cold, or just right? When we first launched Ministry of Supply, we sold our Apollo shirt for a whopping $128. Our price for the shirt then moved down to $88, back up to $108 and finally landed on $98. During all of these changes, we talked to […]

Discussion: A common denominator for pricing and negotiating Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics software

Forrester Blog BI and analytics software packaging and pricing are a Wild West with few common practices among the vendors. Comparing and contrasting vendor prices and negotiating with vendors is challenging because Few vendors publish list prices, so when a vendor tells you you are getting a certain discount you can’t really verify whether the discount numbers are […]

Will a new pricing strategy help UPS? | MSN Money

Shares of UPS (UPS -0.05%) have remained stable after the company announced a new pricing strategy in May. UPS used to price its shipments solely based on weight; now it factors in size as well. … What does this mean for some of UPS’ big customers? Initially, this shouldn’t affect large retailers too much, as they have contracts with […]

Pricing in reverse: use a product’s price to figure out what you need to build | NATHAN KONTNY

Amy brings up a great point and motivates me to finish a post I’ve had sitting around for awhile. Most folks try and make something and then they slap a price on it. Often folks then discover some nasty things about their product. Either the market can’t bear a product at that price, or they […]

Personalize Your Pricing Strategy | EC Mag

Managing overhead requires a deliberate series of allocation and recovery decisions that affect the flexibility of your pricing strategy for each project. Periodically, you should re-evaluate how you price to recover overhead costs and allocate actual expenses through your job-costing system. Overhead rates are generally based on historical data. You know what you have spent […]

Developing your pricing strategy for success (Part 1) | National Small Business Chamber

Now that we have observed that even banks are taking note of consumer trends in a big way, how can you also consider similar habits when developing or adjusting your pricing strategy? Here are a few easy to apply guidelines for your small or medium enterprise: Keep an eye on competitor movements when it comes to […]

Variable Meter Parking Rates Coming To Pittsburgh | CBS Pittsburgh

“The study is about getting the prices of parking right,” says Tepper Business School professor Mark Fichman. Fichman, co-author of the study, says the goal is to get 80 percent occupancy, but always have an available spot. “We’ve lowered the average price. It used to be $2 everywhere,” he said. “And now some prices are […]

Straumann sales rise as pricing strategy takes hold | Pinfex

Straumann Holding AG, the world’s largest maker of dental implants, posted a 2.9 percent rise in sales in the first quarter as it started to reap the benefit of a new pricing strategy. The premium dental implant market has shown tentative signs of a turnaround in recent quarters, after the financial crisis made consumers in […]

Health Care Prices | Hospitals & Health Networks

Lola Butcher interviewed Orlikoff, a national adviser on governance and leadership to the American Hospital Association, as part of her cover story, “Price Transparency (Its Time Has Come).” She also spoke with hospital and health system leaders across the United States to see how they are adapting to what Orlikoff describes as the shift from […]

A Price Increase Should Not Be Arbitrary | Ticketing Today

Beyond Dynamic Ticket Pricing This isn’t an advocacy of dynamic ticket pricing as a whole, either, as it has received negative reactions from customers who do not feel it reflects true demand for the product. Some customers perceive it as a way to inflate the ticket price for larger revenues. Creating a true ticket value […]

Keeping Pace with the Pricing Leaders | Retail Info Systems News

Pricing intelligence is more than just data on the competition’s pricing — it is about acting on that information. Retailers can turn to any number of solution providers to gain insight into the pricing landscape, however, without a clear strategy in place to turn the reams of data into actionable items retailers are simply spinning […]

This Week in Pricing > 6/28/14

TWIP is a recap of the week’s top pricing strategy in the news and resources for pricing professionals. We also publish a daily digest of top pricing news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership and industry news and events. The Past Week’s Top Pricing Related Headlines How to Succeed in Business by Bundling – […]

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